October 29, 1978
Werner Zurfluh
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October 29, 1978 - thoughts:
The problem of transition from one kind of reality to another is important. The irrational (intuitive) knowledge has to be connected and united with the rational (intellectual) - the right brain-hemisphere with the left. That could be practicable, when the Anima takes over a mediating function. Interconnect the work in one level of reality with that of another and establish a vertical-connection between the different levels of reality and experience by means of the continuity of consciousness.

October 30, 1978

First the event is rather a dream. I help someone, who is confused. After a while, much becomes clear for the involved person and so my task to clarify the situation came to an end. - I go outdoors where it is dark. It's already very late. Nobody is on the streets. Therefore I can do extended flight-attempts - unseen. By doing so, I finally and rather quickly become conscious of my situation. A last "check" about really being conscious and the tone of reality - and I know definitely, that my physical body lies in the bed and is asleep. I am out-of-body!

The flight lasts for a very long time - at least during half an hour, if not even longer. The vision is immensely sharp and clear! For that reason, the scenic realities can be recognized in an extraordinarily precise way. And the difficulties when flying and looking remain insignificant. I don't have to make a big effort to maintain the consciousness when flying in great heights, although the pictures shift very quickly. The landscapes to be seen are impressive in their splendor, variedness and terrific wideness. And above all the starry heaven is wonderful.

At the beginning of the flight, I try to gain an extreme height. That works relatively well. Remarkably I 'sing' with the ascent again and again: "Nearer my God to you!" and similar prayers. With every intonation the ascent seems relieved, so that I reach heights like never before. The higher I rise, the more stars I can see. This enormous number of stars is huge and very impressive. I can only look at this multiplicity with total astonishment.

Thanks to the height predominates a total clarity. The stars contrast distinctly from the absolute blacknes of the heaven. Their quantity is virtually crushing, but on the other hand also raising!

Then I no longer fly up, because somehow I have experienced enough now. The fate shall not be challenged in taking advantage of the situation by ascending even further. So I shift over to a horizontalflight and hover softly at an indeterminable speed - looking around alertly minded and still perfectly conscious and totally aware of the situation.

Suddenly I see a spaceship of an unknown construction that glides silently over the heaven. First I am totally stunned. Then I think, that this must be - an UF0. I can see it, because I am out-of-body. In my second body I am in another state of vibration than in the physical body during daytime. I suspect, that the UF0 could not be seen under normal circumstances in the condition of physical corporality. But now - out-of-body - it is visible.

It flies quietly and without rush. The crew will probably assume or even know, that their vehicle can not be observed by the people of the physical-material level. After some minutes, I can watch another UFO, that has a totally different design. And then another - and another. Finally I see six to ten spacecrafts. Amazing! So many UFOs! Never I would have supposed, that there is such a considerable traffic - swarms of UFOs hover through the sky up here. I am surprised, that people cannot see them, especially as it seems easy to change quickly into a somewhat different condition of vibration - even though this usually happens unconsciously. On the other hand the frequency of the UFOs worries me, because I can not understand, why these spaceships should be here in such a number.

Then I am discovered by the UF0s and soon I am rounded up. However, I make no attempt to escape - because I would like to find out, what the Aliens actually want.

What happens next, is marked by the fact, that I don't lose the consciousness of the fact to be in an oob-state. But nevertheless I don't succeed in grasping the details. I am fully aware, but somehow I miss the coherence and the continuity of their doing Probably because I cannot understand the context of the investigations of the Aliens. That has a serious effect on my memory. It remains diffuse. E.g. I notice, that the aliens are very much bigger than I am. However, this impression could also be a consequence of my own dimension - and is in no way dependent in the actual height of my bodily form. In the course of various investigations, I finally notice, that I possess no corporality in the sense of a physical-material mass - or just in the sense, how the UF0-crew has one. I am a formless consciousness-field, a type of an energy-ball, that can move freely in the area.

That I am not aware of the shape of my body is due to the fact, that I have not taken notice of it during the flight. Therefore I didn't ask myself explicitly this question. Instead I simply presupposed the existence of a 'normal' shape of my second-body very similar to the physical body. Moreover it didn't seem important to me to look for my specific form. But now this question becomes more and more acute, because I realize, that the aliens eagerly and vigorously try to trace my shape. However, they don't really succeed with it. My shapeless, purely energetic form of existence seems always to slip away, and they have great difficulties with me - and this makes them even somehow unsure. Therefore it seems, that their insecurity grows - and with it their anxiety. And finally they become even aggressive. That has unfortunately an effect on their methods of examination, which turn to become more brutal.

As I get somehow on the palm of one of the crew members, who try to investigate the strange energy-ball, I succeed in exchanging a few (telepathic?) words with this alien. Now it becomes clear, that this being and - with him, her, or it - actually all members of the UFO-crew have some serious troubles to classify the phenomenon. They obviously even consider to use methods, which make me totally unable to move. Therefore I prefer - despite my wish to get in contact with the crew - to leave the spaceship.

It is not so easy to get out of the UF0, because I have the form of an energy-field - and that is rather attracted than repelled. Nevertheless I finally succeed in getting away - probably the best I could do in respect to the awkward situation. The danger of the situation is even increased by something else: The UF0-crew has - what can be noticed through miscellaneous indications and observations - in no way expected to find such beings like me in a dimension so near the material earth. Beings, who are out-of-body and fully aware of their state.

The aliens are obviously not prepared to grasp such phenomenons precisely and immediately. Their uncertainty seems not to be so unimportant. It almost appears, the observation would force the UFO-crew to develop a new tactical concept. In any case, their ideas of the earthlings are now mixed up a little bit. Because it would be easier for the aliens only to be confronted with beings in a material body - beings, who are not able to leave consciously their bodies. The fact, now to have to consider units, that are out-of-body and fully conscious, must be something very strange to them.

My conclusions are based on suppositions without a truly exact observation-material. However, a certain fear prevails towards the end of my investigations. This fear is not at all dominant, but it corresponds to an apprehension - namely that something doesn't attune with the UFO-crew as well as with my relationship to these beings. Perhaps because of me, i.e. that it was my own condition that did not allow to establish a relationship with these beings? I was not able to develop an own initiative based on my special condition. For example, I could have tried to materialize through an alteration of my vibration-state. But to do it, I was too little aware of the circumstances and not able to use such "cool" reflections.

It remains to say, that I let myself being caught voluntarily because I wanted to know, what it is called to be in a UFO. Moreover there was a great interest, a type of curiosity mated with the idea that such a meeting was inevitable and had to be tackled anyway, sooner or later.

This first meeting is not really a failure, but to think it to be a success would not be right either. Somehow it is full of various misunderstandings and, as far as to me, shaped by the fact, that I myself do not control the out-of-body-state well enough to respond perfectly right and adequately in such a situation. I had not enough overview and can't remember, what happened after the escape from the UFO. In any case, a type of shock had an aftereffect and caused a black-out. So I waked up suddenly in the physical body in bed.

This very experience shows beautifully my different sides of power and weaknesses. Very much has to be worked for in order to have a well working continuity of consciousness. Still I use too much energy only to uphold my consciousness. I feel like a beginner of tightrope walking, who keeps too much an eye on the rope instead of observing the surroundings.


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